Ultra rich shower gels: care for sensitive skin

• Respects sensitive skin •

Superfatted care with organic olive oil
Physiological pH
No paraben
No phenoxyethanol

• 6 scents •

Jasmine flower, amber, sandalwood and more …
6 delightful fragrances for your shower

• 3 sizes •

Available in 300 ml and 1 l as well as 100 ml for trial, travel, and gifts

• Two 3-in-1 shower gels •

Amber and Sandalwood shower gels are formulated for the body, face and hair.
Ideal for those who want to mix business with pleasure!

An extra-gentle shower treatment

Beauterra ultra rich shower gel is a soap-free cleanser that is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

Its physiological pH respects the skin's balance. Superfatting agents in a base of organic olive oil rehydrate your skin.
Each shower gel is enriched with natural extracts such as sandalwood or jasmine flower. They are made in France and contain no parabens or phenoxyethanol.

The amber and sandalwood shower gels are also suitable for the hair— 3-in-1 products for convenient care.

ultra rich shower gel with amber extract

Amber available in 1L - 200ml - 100ml

ulra rich shower gel with sandalwood extract

Santalwood available in 1L - 200ml

ultra rich shower gel with jasmine flower extract

Jasmin flower available in 1L - 200ml - 100ml

ultra rich shower gel, hypoallergenic formula

hypoallergenic formula available in 1L - 200ml

ultra rich shower gel with verbena extract

Verbena and lemon available in 1L - 200ml - 100ml

ultra rich shower gel with monoi oil

Monoi oil available in 1L - 200ml - 100ml

We answer your questions with total transparency

What is special about ultra rich shower gel

Superfatted shower gel is a shower gel enhanced with extra emollients.
In fact, we have added supperfatting agents in a base of organic olive oil. So even though it is suitable for all skin types, it is specifically designed for sensitive and dry skin. It wraps the skin in a wonderful protective film to be enjoyed in any season for the body and face.

What does "physiological pH" mean ?

The pH of a substance is a measure of its acidity. A pH of 7 is said to be neutral.
However, the skin's pH is 5.5, so it is acidic. Being at physiological pH, Beauterra ultra rich shower gels have a pH close to that of your skin. Thus, they respect and protect the skin's balance.

What is phenoxyethanol ?

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative found in many cosmetic products. Recognized as an allergen, it can cause eczema and hives in sensitive individuals. Phenoxyethanol is also a carcinogen that poses fertility risks to humans and is toxic to the fetus. The maximum allowable concentration of phenoxyethanol in cosmetic products is 1%. We have therefore chosen to completely eliminate this preservative from our products.