Sweet Almond Oil

The hydration specialist

L'huile d'olive

Sweet Almond Oil is replete with vitamins. Vitamin E rebuilds the hydrolipidic film that protects the epidermis. Vitamins A significantly improves the elasticity of the skin. Finally, vitamin B and vitamin D activate cellular repair.

The phytosterols in Sweet Almond Oil activate microcirculation, thus slowing aging of the skin and reducing inflammation. Highly emollient, Sweet Almond Oil helps reduce itching and regulate sebum production, alleviating eczema patches or scaling. Sweet Almond Oil is found in superfatted Marseille soap. In fact, after obtaining the concentrated soap by the saponification of Olive and Coconut oils, we add non-saponified Sweet Almond Oil. This adds a superfatted consistency to the soap and gives it its moisturizing properties. Sweet Almond is also valued for its subtle fragrance.

Products using this oil

Savon de Marseille surgras huile d'amande douche et aloé vera

1L - 500ml - 300ml

gel douche surgras parfum hypoallergénique

1L - 200ml - 200ml