Shea Butter

Well-known and little-known

L'huile d'olive

Very commonly used in cosmetics, Shea Butter is still very little known to the general public. The shea tree has been growing for millennia in parts of Africa, mainly West Africa. The fruit contains a sweet, edible pulp as well as a nut from which the butter is extracted. The resulting paste is immersed in boiling water, allowing the butter to separate from the other components of the kernel. The liquefied butter is then filtered before being packaged. Finally, the white-yellow butter is dried in the sun to minimize its odor, which has hints of almond. This processing method preserves all the beneficial properties of Shea. Its texture is rich and slippery, perfect for cosmetic use.

Shea Butter is naturally rich in vitamins A, B, E, and F, which give it restorative and nourishing properties. It's thus used as a stretch mark remedy

In addition, its high content of karitene and terpenic alcohols allows Shea Butter to partially absorb UV rays, prolong a tan, and relieve sunburn. Finally, the cinnamic ester content in Shea Butter makes it a true skin regenerator, leaving the skin elastic and deeply hydrated. It's suitable for all skin types and can treat dry skin, irritated skin, and skin exposed to extreme temperatures. This outstanding ingredient enriches our Shea Butter Marseille soap.

Products using this oil

Savon de Marseille beurre de karité

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