Monoï Oil

The scent of French Polynesia

L'huile d'olive

Monoï Oil is a product traditionally used in Polynesia. It's popularly called Monoï de Tahiti, "mono'i" meaning "scented oil" in Tahitian.

Monoï Oil is made by steeping tiaré, or Tahitian gardenia (Gardenia taitensis), flowers in coconut oil (Cocos nucifera). Tiaré is a white-flowered shrub found in the South Pacific Islands. The coconuts from which the oil is made are harvested from the coral soils of French Polynesia. The tiaré flowers are picked at the bud stage and used no later than the day after harvest. After 10 days of steeping, the coconut oil is filtered and mixed with a natural antioxidant such as tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E).

Traditionally, Monoï has been valued for its ability to protect the skin, relieve muscle pain, and prevent stretch marks in pregnant women.

Monoï Oil doesn't protect against UV rays, but its nourishing and moisturizing actions make it popular for after-sun care. Additionally, the oil's natural emollient action gives it exfoliating properties.

Monoï Oil is perfect for daily use and is suitable for dry, tired, and damaged skin. Its active ingredients prevent dehydration of the skin by restoring softness and elasticity. Not just for the face and body, Monoï Oil deeply nourishes dry, dull hair and restores luster. We use Monoï Oil as a superfatting agent in our Monoï perfume shower gels. Its delicious scent will transport you to the seaside.

Product using this oil

Gel douche surgras Parfum Monoi

1L - 300ml