Marseille Soap

• Traditional Marseille Soap •

Made by saponification in cauldrons

• 72% vegetable oils •

72% Vegetable Oil and enriched with Shea Butter

A symbol of all things natural, Marseille soap is back in style. The BeauTerra adventure started with our Marseille liquid soaps. To create them in solid form, we mix vegetable oils not with potash but with soda. The solid soaps are made in cauldrons by saponification, which takes eight days. This process yields a soap rich in Glycerin and with no preservatives. We use palm oil here. Please note that this oil is certified Eco Responsible, which means it's obtained from plantations that guarantee production is environmentally friendly, is respectful of biodiversity, and meets specific sustainability criteria.

As usual, we don't use animal fats, and our products aren't tested on animals. Made with 72% Vegetable Oils and enriched with Shea Butter. For fragrance, we add natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Jasmine, and Lavender.