Beauterra, vegetable oils for your skin


This wonderful family business began 10 years ago, in the old spa town of Charbonnières-les-Bains in France.

THE BEAUTERRA LABORATORY saw the light of day because of the drive of Thierry Le Morvan. After more than 20 years serving a leading medical prescription cosmetology brand, this devotee aims to combine dermatological precision with pleasure and the effectiveness of the natural assets contained in vegetable oils. His son Hugo joins him in this adventure, « MADE IN FRANCE ».

Dermatologists often say that skincare begins with good hygiene. We wanted to start our story by revisiting a natural, biodegradable product which is well known by the French : MARSEILLE SOAP.

Vegetable oil for your skin

Used since ancient times, vegetable oils are known and recognized for nourishing, protecting and hydrating your skin. They preserve the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis, a natural protective barrier which is often mistreated.

Each oil has its own distinctive characteristics and benefits and holds true beauty secrets. With vitamins, fatty acids, antibacterial properties and yet more soothing qualities to nourish and protect, they concentrate the best of what nature can offer on your skin to make it naturally beautiful.

Our dermatological promises

Our experience in medical cosmetology allows us to suggest oils that contain the assets which best correspond to the specific needs of each skin type. Carefully selected, always taking into consideration the demands of the most sensitive skin, the most suitable ingredients are meticulously put together with total respect for dermatological requirements.

We refuse to use parabens, phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone in our formulations. Our products may also contain some non-natural assets if they have demonstrated their effectiveness in dermatology.

Our commitments

• Made in France •

All our products are made entirely in France for better quality control

• Quality Products •

With 30 years of experience in dermo-cosmetics, we design our products with the most appropriate ingredients for your skin type

• Vegetable oil •

Vegetable oils contain many phytochemicals and nutrients that help moisturize, protect and strengthen your skin

• Attractive Price •

We can offer you the best value for your money